Coloora Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 

Family Pictures

Welcome to my Photo Album.
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We would like to thank all the families who have opened their

Homes, their Lives and most importantly their Hearts to a

Coloora Cavalier.

"Molly" retired from the show ring now resides with her loving owner John Bellemy
"Dougal" Newell move over kid this is my bed. Dougal is very much loved and is part of the Newell family
"Kacey" Thats my ball - I found it. "Kacey" lives with the Mcgraw family.
"Cory" I am guarding the Fridge in case of intruders.
"Cory" lives with Beth & Rick.
"Kissy" also a retiree from the Show Ring. Santa better be good to me when he comes down the chimney. I'll be waiting. "Kissy" lives with the De Campo family
"Molly" Could you please turn out the light. "Molly" is totally adored by the Khan family.
"Daisy" I am just resting my eyes. "Daisy" is a part of the Bulloch-Latham family
"Molly" Khan
"Livvy" I just love having cuddles. "Livvy" is loved by the Kennedy family.
"Summer" - "Where are all those servants. Summer lives with David & Mary Kefford.
"Summer" - come on people where is my lunch.


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